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  • Committee Information

    Budget/Auditing Committee 2021-2022
    Ron Tomlinson Chairperson
    Shelly Castro AT&T Member
    Jessica Kruse AT&T Member
    Jeff Welch Lumen Member

    Budget/Auditing Committee:

    I. The Budget Committee: shall meet annually to set budgetary goals for the Local Union for the upcoming year. The President or their designee and the Treasurer shall be members of this committee.

    II. Audit Committee: The financial records of this Local shall be audited by an independent Certified Public Accountant at the end of each fiscal year and by the Audit Committee selected by the Local, at the end of each calendar quarter. The results of such audit shall be made available on the Local's website for the inspection of any member of the Local. 

    By-Laws Committee 2021 - 2022
    Shelly Castro Chairperson
    Mariluz Lopez AT&T Member
    Kevin Brown Lumen Member
    David Moore Lumen Member
    Jankie Tikapersad AT&T Member
    Philip Laird AT&T Member
    Randall Smith Lumen Member

    The By-Law’s Committee shall review and approve all changes to be submitted to the membership for approval of the Local Union bylaws. Review and update the Locals bylaws for conformance with the International CWA Union.

    Contact: President and Executive Vice President
    Community and Retiree Committee 2021 - 2022
    Mike Maldonado Chairperson/President RMC
    Bob Kelley
    Greg Douglas
    Kevin Goins

    Community Service/Retired Members Committee:

    I. The Community Services Committee: shall assist in developing all community services programs.

    II. Retired Members Committee: To maintain a listing of the retirees who were members of this Local and keep them notified of all items of interest to them.

    Contact: Mike Maldonado
    Education/Equity/Organizing/Membership Committee 2021 - 2022

    Jessica Kruse Chairperson
    Jerika Santiago AT&T Member
    Jeremey Burkhart AT&T Member
    Robert Fugate Lumen Member

    Education Committee:

    I. Shall assist in developing the Locals educational program and, with the Local Officers, be responsible for effectuation of the Union and Local’s educational programs. The education committee shall assist in developing the Locals multimedia program consisting of any collection of data including text, graphics, images, audio and video, or any system for processing or interacting with such data to be shared with the Local members.

    Equity Committee:

    I. To ensure the equitable treatment of all members of the Local regardless of age, gender or race.

    Membership Committee:

    I. The membership committee or membership committees shall accept or reject membership application in accordance with the by-law’s and Rules of this Local and Article V of the CWA Constitution and policies of the Union.

    II. Shall convene immediately following adjournment of all meetings for the above stated purpose.

    III. Shall consist of all members in good standing present.

    Organizing Committee:

    I. The Organizing Committee shall assist the Local Officers and members in organizing all non-union employees within the Locals jurisdiction. 

    Legislative/Political Action 2021-2022
    Jerikah Santiago Chairperson
    Mariluz Lopez AT&T Member

    Legislative-Political Committee

    The Legislative-Political Committee shall consist of such members as may be appointed by the President and approved by the Executive Board. It shall execute such assignments with regard to legislation as the Executive Board or the Convention may direct.

    Mobilization Committee 2021 - 2022
    Karen Diorio Chairperson
    Shelly Castro AT&T Member
    Saul Santiago AT&T Member
    Jerikah Santiago AT&T Member
    Jessica Kruse AT&T Member

    Mobilization Committee

    Mobilization is a strategy of building power through education and membership involvement. The Mobilization Committee structure helps in educating and organizing members to achieve union goals in bargaining, community and political action, and work place issues.

    Safety Committee 2021-2022
    Terry Redmond Co-Chairperson
    Phillip Laird Co-Chairperson
    Shelly Castro AT&T Member
    Sendy Jovel AT&T Member

    Safety Committee:

    Ensure that all workplace safety concerns are brought to the attention of the appropriate authority.

    Women's Committee 2021 - 2022
    TBD Chairperson
    Shelly Castro AT&T Member
    Send Jovel AT&T Member
    Mariluz Lopez AT&T Member

    Women's Committee:

    The Local Union shall establish a Committee comprised of members which will take actions that will benefit all the members in the Local. The Local Union shall ensure that some money be made available for activities as determined by the Committee.

    I. Shall meet three (3) times per year and report to the Board the actions that have been taking place.

    II. Shall provide all members of the Local with support, information and education to inspire them to become more active in their Union and their communities.

    III. Shall have input and report to the Executive Board on a quarterly basis.

    IV. Encourage involvement of all members in Local activities.

    V. Be concerned with the rights of all members in the workforce who face discrimination, lack of equal opportunity, unfair treatment and/or harassment in the workplace and Union.

    VI. Cooperate and liaise with other Union Committees and Federations of Labor.

    VII. Participate and/or recommend attendance to meetings, conferences, conventions and education courses concerning all members.

    VIII. Promote and recommend the organization of educational programs concerning members in the workplace, home and the community.

    IX. Promote equality in the workplace and the community.

    X. Participation will not exclude any members of the Local regardless of age, gender or race. 

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