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Mar 08, 2023

Dear Members of CWA Local 3176:

I want to introduce myself again to the membership of CWA Local 3176 as your new President!  

My name is Shelly Castro, I have met most of you at least once, and I plan to meet the rest of you in the near future!  As President of this local, I plan to LEAD us into a new more successful and prosperous era for Local 3176! 

I began my union involvement when I was very young, as the child of a proud member of the Machinist’s Union (IAM).  My father had me walking the picket lines from a very early age, and I never stopped.   At age 18, my first job was as a member of the International Ladies’ Garment Worker’s Union (ILGWU), and I have been a PROUD member of CWA since March 30, 2015.  I became a steward for our local in that same year.  I became Unit VP for AT&T in 2016, and the Executive VP of our local in 2019.  I have, through this tenure, been lead of our by-laws committee, a member of the women’s committee, organizing committee, and budget committee.  I also was elected by District 3 to be an AT&T Bargaining committee alternate (over an 8,000-person contract), I am the only Florida delegate for Unity@ Mobility, and I am an active member in our political action committee (PAC).   To grow our local presence, I have attended numerous conventions to build positive relationships throughout our district so that when we need help and answers, I know exactly who to go to.   

During the last 7 years, I have brought AT&T from a 62% membership rate up to our current 91% membership.  Our working environment is night and day from the beginning of my tenure, in the best ways possible, earning respect on the job, educating our membership to fight for their rights, and building trust through mutual respect and RESULTS.  We have managed to build strong relationships with our AT&T membership, in this local as well as across all of district 3…and I want to build that same relationship for Century Link union members as well.  We are ONE local, and it is my goal to support each other as union brothers and sisters.  

The Union is not one person.  It is not the President, the stewards or any one member…it is ALL OF US.   I could not have accomplished what we have accomplished at AT&T without a strong supporting staff and membership.  We CURRENTLY have a STRONG, capable, and successful e-board and steward pool that we are preparing to make even larger!  I know a lot has happened recently, and it is a lot during this crucial time of negotiations for both Century Link AND AT&T, but this is not the time to lose sight of our common goal which is the FIGHT for a better contract, the FIGHT for better work environments, and the FIGHT to have the strongest happiest local in all of CWA.  

I plan to do this by applying the same principles to the entire local that I applied to AT&T during my tenure as UVP.  I believe in educating and growing the board, stewards and membership.  I believe in full transparency, not only with local leadership, but also with the membership.  I believe in not only having an open door but also acting on membership’s concerns.  I believe in empowering the E-board, stewards, AND membership in having a voice.  I believe in running an organized, well-maintained local so that issues do not fall through the cracks.  And finally… I believe in taking care of business in REAL TIME.  Together, we are stronger.  

If you have any questions or concerns, PLEASE REACH OUT to me, Jessica Kruse, Kevin Brown, Jeremiah Burnley, Terry Redmond, Philip Laird, and Jeff Welch, as together, we are your e-board and we are here and able to help!

I am honored to have this opportunity to unite this local and I’m ready to fight for what we ALL deserve! 


 In Unity,                   

 Shelly Castro 

President, CWA Local 3176

CWA Local 3176
35 SE 1ST AVE 2nd Floor Unit I
Ocala, FL 34471

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