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October 22, 2017

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STRIKE! The Board Game
Posted On: Apr 26, 2013


Would You Like to Educate Working Class Families About the CWA Union and Affiliates, Promote Union Solidarity, and Have Fun Doing It?


Better yet, when was the last time you:

§  Played a board game with your friends, family, and fellow workers that’s about the Ninety-Nine Percenters? About us?

§  Played a board game about working class families with middle class values with the good of society in mind?

§  Played a board game about union strategy? Organizing? Collective bargaining? Political persuasion? Deadlocked contract negotiations? Going on strike?




But that’s about to change because there’s a new board game in town— about Main Street versus Wall Street—and it’s calledSTRIKE! And it’s coming to you and your rank and file members from Fratire Publishing.




So forget the staid monotony of that traditional board game more fitting for the One Percenters—and picket your way into the STRIKE! ­zone.


But don’t take my word for it! Read what William J. Perez – Business Manager and Executive Secretary for BCTD’s Riverside & San Bernardino Counties Building and Construction Trades Council of the AFL-CIO had to say about STRIKE! when he first play tested it.


“I can really get into this game!”


“I think you have a hit on your hands!”


The STRIKE! Board Game is now on sale and our weekly STRIKE! Board Game Newsletter is issued every Monday or Tuesday noting each union’s10% weekly or monthly promotional discount. All union members receive a 10% discount when they purchase on-line during their designated promotion period (but they can purchase any time before or after). We also have two minute You Tube video link at  for a quick overview of the game.  Order NOW and save 10%!


Would your members be interested?


Of course they would—so this is all you have to do:


Please instruct your website, e-newsletter, and/or e-mail list manager to forward theSTRIKE! board game promotion by e-mail to all of your members. If you need a press release or promotional copy for your newsletter or a flyer to post at your local office—please let me know and I can provide a file for that—or copy this e-mail instead.


§  If you’re interested and/or on board, please REPLYthat you are—and I’ll follow up to see if there is anything else you may need or need to know.

§  If you do not want to receive our newsletter, please let me know now and I will REMOVE you from our contact list.


Fraternally yours and in solidarity!


Corey Lee Wilson


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